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New Patient

What to expect at your first appointment:

On your first visit, our practitioner will perform a comprehensive assessment of your orthotic or prosthetic needs. First, they will obtain and document your history. Second, they will perform a diagnosis-specific examination. Third, they will suggest the best treatment plans and device(s) that would best benefit you. If you’re receiving a custom item, an impression may be taken by the cast to get your order started. We may visit or call you back for another appointment to do so. Additionally, the practitioner will work directly with your physician. If you’re currently in rehabilitation, your physical or occupational therapist(s) to best achieve your specific needs and goals.

After the first visit for this order is complete, we’ll be busy behind the scenes ordering, fabricating, processing your insurance information, and obtaining any prior authorizations that may be needed.

In order to move your order along as quickly as we can, we need to obtain information from the physician who’s currently treating you for the medical condition that’s causing you to require the device(s) we’re providing you with. This may or may not be the doctor who referred you for the device. If it’s not the referring physician, please inform us of their name and contact information.


Here’s what we need to process your order:

Schedule a Doctors Appointment

If you haven’t seen your referring physician for what you’re coming to us for, please contact their office to schedule an appointment.


If you haven’t given us one already, we’ll be contacting your doctor for a handwritten Rx including your diagnosis.

Detailed Written
Order Signed

Once generated, we’ll be faxing the detailed written order form over to your doctor for their signature.

or Therapy Notes

Depending upon your insurance we might request notes pertaining to your order and condition. We’ll contact them for you.

Prior Authorization

Depending upon your insurance, prior authorization may be required. If required, we’ll take care of this for you.

A delivery appointment for your order will be made once we receive all the information listed above. Additionally, our staff will verify your insurance, calculate any out of pocket expense if any that you may incur and inform you of such before your item is delivered.

Scheduling an Appointment

You can call our office at 631-482-1650. If you’ve were seen at home or in a facility, the practitioner will coordinate appointments during the order process.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Appointments can be made later in the day as well if needed and upon request.

If you call us after hours, our service will be glad to take your message. We’ll call you back at the start of the next business day or sooner if necessary.